Installation and Synchronization



  • JBenson2

    Synchronization is complete. Now to give it a try.

    1st noticeable issue is the quality of the font in the note. It is not readable.

    Here is a screen capture of some text I typed into Evernote

    TuskTools note quality.png
  • JBenson2

    Ooops. No editing allowed on previous comments. I'll have to be more careful.

    As mentioned in the video, when I click on the note, it jumps to Evernote and then the text is crystal clear.

  • JM Oemler

    I have to agree with JBenson2 that the quality of the thumbnail view is pretty bad.  Yes, you can always click on the note entry and go into Evernote, but a better thumbnail would look a lot more professional.

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