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  • Phil Seeman


    >> this   ##11:50pm##@1   should produce a Google calendar popup reminder on the same day at 2349, yes? <<

    That's correct.

    You're saying you're not getting a reminder from GCal?  Then here are some initial questions:

    If you look in your Google Calendar on the "Evernote" calendar, do you see the note there as an appointment?

    If so, and you click it and select "Edit Event", what exactly shows in the "Reminders" fields in Event Details?  Posting a screenshot here of Event Details might be useful.

  • Tony Steward

    Alerts not working for me either.

  • Phil Seeman

    Hi Richard and Tony,

    TuskTools uses the default reminder for the calendar (pop-up or email) to set its reminders.  The primary reason for this reminder issue that I've seen is not having a default reminder set for the calendar.  Please go to "Calendar Settings" for your Evernote calendar in Google calendar, click on "Reminders and Notifications", and then click on "Add a Reminder" and fill out the fields.  (See attached screenshot.)  This should allow future TuskTools Calendar reminders to show in Google Calendar.  If you want your existing appointment notes to get a reminder, you can edit some aspect of the note to cause it to re-sync to Google Calendar.

    I'll add this info to the FAQ for Google Calendar sync!

    Calendar reminders.jpg
  • Gael SOMON

    Hi from south of France...

    It seems that I must sync manually with "TuskTools Sync" and, on top of that, use the "Refresh View" button when I create a note in Evernote and want it to be displayed in "TuskTools Calendar"... is it normal ? I dont use Google calendar...

    The settings of my PC are : 24 hours and dd/mm/yyy. Is it ok with TuskTools Calendar ?

    Thank you.


  • Phil Seeman

    Hi Gael,

    The TuskTools Sync runs automatically every 5 minutes, so you only need to run it manually from the system tray if you have entered or changed something in Evernote and want it to be reflected in TuskTools Calendar without waiting.

    Yes, in the current version, you do need to click "Refresh View" to see the change on the calendar screen.  That's something that will likely refresh automatically in a coming version.

    Yes, your date and time settings are fine for TT Calendar.

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