Wrong interpretation of day/date ?



  • Phil Seeman

    Hi Marcos,

    I was not able to reproduce your issue - in all three of your latter cases, that date interpretation worked correctly in my testing here. 

    Can you post a screenshot of the "Format" tab within your Windows Control Panel "Region and Language" settings dialog?  I want to see if there is a difference between your settings and what I used in my testing of your issue.  Thanks!

  • Marcos Alves

    Follow the screenshots. Thanks.

  • Phil Seeman

    Hi Marcos,

    Thanks for the screenshots. Yes, the issue is related to your regional date settings - TT is not properly parsing the date given the particular formatting you have defined.  I've put this on the list to fix!

  • cablop

    I have two issues:

    1. A suggestion: date interpretation should be done according to a standard, not to system settings. People is not always able to configure every computer they use to match their home computer settings. That means if i use ISO standard at home (yyyy-mm-dd) dates are going to be terribly wrong at office computer with colombian date settings (dd/mm/yyyy) and also wrong if i use it on another computer where they left USA ONES (mm/dd/yyyy (one of the most non-sense date formats ever)).

    2. ##date format## gots deeply confused when all the script files code we placed on our notes. Some scripts use # as comment characters, so some scripts also use ## just to start a comment and make that line looks nicer... so TT got confused and started to convert them into dates :s. Of course this is not the expected result. That thing prevented me to sync with Google Calendar, we don't want to publish our notes on server or code changes on Google...

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