Having trouble syncing with Google Calendar



  • JM Oemler

    Gail, You might try updating your MS Net Framework http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-us/netframework/aa569263

    I had a couple of error messages while the sync was running and the update seemed to resolve them.

  • Michael

    I am having the same trouble, no google calendar sync is going on.  I updated the .net framework as suggested, but I'm still not seeing the calendar in google calendar.  

  • JM Oemler

    When you enabled the Google Calendar Sync in TTCalendar, did it ask for you Google ID and Password?

  • Michael

    Yes, I entered both the username (email, minus @google.com) and password.  I'm not getting any errors, just nothing seems to be happening.  

  • JM Oemler

    It appears that GC did not accept your sign-in, as the "Evernote" calendar is established when you first enable successfully.  Try re-enabling using the full (with @gmail).  Google seems to be inconsistent with the format of sign-ons, sometimes it will take your ID only, other places it wants the whole thing,  Give it a try and let us know what happens.

  • Phil Seeman

    Gail and Michael,

    If you right-click the Tusk Tools Sync icon in your Windows system tray and select "About Tusk Tools Sync", at the very bottom of the window does it say that Tusk Tools Sync is active or not active?

  • Michael

    I tried the full address, still no luck.  In the about page it says "Google Calendar Sync is not active"  I assume that has something to do with the problem?  

  • Phil Seeman

    Yes, that's definitely the reason your items are not showing in Google Calendar.

    I'll check and see if there is any way to obtain more detailed error information from the program call to connect to Google Calendar, as to why it's not connecting.  In the meantime perhaps you can try a few more permutations of your connection info, especially now that you know where to look to see if the connection is active or not.

  • Michael

    Thanks, I've verified that the password is correct, and I don't know of any other permutation other than including or not including the @gmail.com. Any suggestions?  

  • JM Oemler

    Phil is on this now, and I'm sure he will get it sorted out, but I'm wondering if your using the personal Goggle Calendar, or the Google Apps version?  Seems like I saw somewhere that TTC might not work with the Google Apps version.

  • Michael

    As far as I know I'm using the regular google calendar. I'm happy to verify if anyone knows how to do so.  Thanks for the help!

  • Michael

    Any update?  Let me know if you need any additional information.  Thanks!

  • Michael

    I tried re-installing the application and that seemed to fix the problem. I now have the Evernote calendar and it seems to be working as designed.  

  • Phil Seeman

    Good to know!  I wish I knew what the initial issue was caused by, but glad it's working now.

  • Gail

    Thanks for the follow up. Mine is working now as well, sort of! My Evernote and Google Calendar are syncing, but the notes aren't showing up on my TuskTools Calendar. Which is okay, because I rely on my Google Calendar anyway. Since my original post I've gotten a new laptop; my old laptop ran WinXP and this one is Windows 7, so maybe it was an XP related problem?

    Another question...does TuskToolsSync update/sync automatically, and if so is there a way to manage how often it does? Everytime I check the icon it says idle so I have been syncing manually each time.

  • Phil Seeman


    The sync runs once per minute.  Currently that's not configurable; I might add that feature, but it goes pretty quickly after the initial sync so I'm not sure it would be needed to set a longer interval - and I don't think I would do it more frequently than that.

  • Gail

    Thank you, Phil! I guess once per minute is frequently enough :) Since I've never actually "caught" it updating I wasn't sure whether it happened automatically. I appreciate the follow up from both you and JM!

  • Paul O'Sullivan

    Great thread !

    I just installed TTC and loved what it brought me. Had it all setup and running fine and then realized that no matter what I did I could not get the Google Calendar sync activated. No matter what I tried when going to the "About Tusk Tools Sync" it continually showed "Google Calendar Sync is not Active". Very frustrating. I'm running Win 7 and using a regular Google Calendar (not Google Apps).

    After reading this thread I went in and quickly removed the entire TTC application (along with Sync). Then re-installed the TTC application once again and immediately the Google Calendar showed sync'd this time.


    Thanks Michael !

  • Alexander Freigang


    in regards to op: there is no need to reinstall. Just restart TuskTools Sync after saving your GCal login data. That did it for me...


  • Morrisdw155

    Thanks Alex.  This worked for me today.

  • matt ruby

    unable to syc with G-Calendar.  exit from sync and when restart getting the message "unable to connect... make sure correct username and password"  have check the credentials a couple of times.  could the problem be that for my gmail account, which is also same login as the calendar, I have the extra security double redundant thing set up on my gmail acc?  i have shared the G-Cal with the Iphone without having to do any extra steps.  Just wondering if this might be the problem, thanks

  • Phil Seeman

    Hi Matt,

    Yes, you've identified it - TuskTools Sync doesn't have direct support for Google's new 2-step verification.  The solution should be to create and use an application-specific password.  Here are the details on how to do that:


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