Is TuskTools Calendar officially dead?



  • Phil Seeman

    No, TT Calendar is not dead!

    In terms of the Forum activity, I think that's more "the will of the people" than anything I'm doing or not doing.  However, TT Calendar will be in the Evernote Trunk soon, so I suspect activity may pick up with an increase in download volume.

    In terms of development activity, I will mention that software development is not currently my full-time job; I'm a business and I.T. consultant by day.  But I have begun some work on making TT Sync into a two-way sync process, which would allow for the creation and updating of appointments directly in the calendar; and am also working on another app which I may be entering in this year's DevCup, we shall see how it progresses.

  • JBenson2

    Thank you for the explanation.  Good luck with the Evernote Trunk launch.

  • Sullivanacctg

    Hope this is a successful trunk launch.  This app has been a really good start to making EverNote a complete app, adding a much needed calendar/reminder capability to the program.  The more I have used it the more useful I find it.  Now all of my appointments are entered into Evernote and my projects are linked to the tasks, events, to do's and coming events and deadlines.  Now if we could just get templates!!!  

  • Phil Seeman

    Thanks for the nice comments about TuskTools Calendar, Sullivanacctg. 

    Regarding your wish for templates, I haven't had a chance to try it yet but this product provides templates for Evernote.

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