Date changes not synced in Google



  • Phil Seeman

    Hi Olav,

    If you create a brand new dated note, does it show up in your Google calendar?

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  • David Goss

    I have installed Evernote and TuskTools Calendar (and in the Options tab have checked the "sync to Google Calendar" box and inserted my Gmail address and Gmail password.  I successfully created a note in Evernote and it sync-ed at the correct time into my TuskTools clendar (using the ##date time## protocol) but no sync-ing occured between TuskTools Calendar and Google Calendar.  Have I failed to do something to enable the continued sync-ing to Google Calendar?  Thanks.

    ALSO OLAV, I was intrigued by your reference to the "Getting Things Done" organizational system, which is where I entered the Evernote/TuskTools world (by way of "The Secret Weapon" website).  I agree with you that TuskTools Calendar is a great app for integrating Evernote into Google Calendar, but I would be very interested in hearing more about what other software/systems you have found to make using the GTD system work as easily as possible.  Thanks.

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  • Olav D

    Sorry, I completely missed your reply, Phil. After a lot of searching I found the answer in re-installing TuskTools. Everything seems to work great now :)
    David, you might want to try that.

    I just use Evernote, TuskTools and Evernote Web Clipper. 

    My tags are:

    • At computer
    • At internet
    • Errands
    • Calls
    • completed (archive)
    • on calendar (date-specific)
    • Waiting for (leveraged)
    • Project
    • Project support material
    • Reference
    • Someday
    Then I created for each Category of Improvement (COI, see Robbins) a folder with an index page with my goals vision roles etc (my COIs are, for example, health hacker, force for God, legendary investor, incredible friendships, etc.)

    Last, I have 3 more additional folders to put notes in: my IN-basket, My Driving Force, Weekly Review, and Archive.

    IN-Basket goes whatever is new (things I discover and want to look in, notes, to-do's, etc.) > really like this from GTD.
    Then I classify twice a day all things in IN-Basket; in what COI do they belong and what tag should it get?

    Every Sunday I sit down and do the weekly review (nothing more than a note saying what points I must evaluate, like reviewing my driving force, checkin my waiting for list, my calendar, my goals, etc) and then I'll plan my week, creating everyday a timeblock of 4/5 hours which I use to dedicate solely for the truly most important stuff that will get me to my goals.
    In "My driving force" I have notes on my ultimate vision, my ultimate purpose, code of ethic, etc., which I review weekly so make sure I'm staying on track.

    That's it. I use Web Clipper to add interesting things from the web to my IN-basket so I can follow up.

    I do all appointments through Evernote and Tusktools. Every appointment has a note; or when it's someone I regularly work with (close colleagues?) I use one note for that person and change it / add to it.

    My problem with GTD was that it is bottom-up; combining it with Robbins system allows me to see the bigger picture: am I achieving my broader goals and doing the things that are really importnt for long-term success?

    Really happy with TuskTools calendar 
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