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  • Phil Seeman

    Hi Dan,

    Let's turn on a logging function which will provide some diagnostic information. To do that:

    - Exit TuskTools Calendar, then right-click the TuskTools Sync icon in the system tray, and exit that.  
    - In the folder where TuskTools Calendar is installed, you'll find a program called SetLogging.exe.  Run that, and set the log level to "All".
    - Launch TuskTools Calendar,
    - Modify one of those old appointments in Evernote - I'm not sure if the 1896 date might be so old as to confuse things, so play it safe and modify a newer one like 2006.  Then wait 15 minutes or so, and confirm that the note didn't sync to TT Calendar.
    - Locate a file called "TuskToolsSync.log" in this folder on your hard drive:
                  C:\Users\[your Windows username]\AppData\Local\MoreProductiveNow\TuskTools
    - Please email that file to the MPN support email address, and also please send a screenshot of the note in Evernote.

  • Dan Shaurette

    Hi Phil, thank you. I will send the log and snapshot ASAP. As an update though, I noticed I had a different issue when I tested 2006 and that was fine, so disregard.

    Having said that, more dated note testing showed that the issue is on the boundary of the 2000's. I can see notes dated for ##1/2/2000## (and later) will appear, however notes with ##1/1/2000## or before it will not.

  • Phil Seeman

    I don't recall off-hand but since Evernote didn't exist till after 2000, plus I didn't think people would be creating past appointments, it's possible I made an assumption there would never be a date prior to 2000!  However, I love your use case (when can I read your novel??) and would like to support it if possible. 

    So please do send the log info, using a pre-2000 dated note.  That should help give me a starting point to do some further research.


  • Dan Shaurette

    Thank you. Logs and snapshots sent. The novel is a work in progress still, but I am hoping to release it next year. Since it is set in the 1800's, I have a lot of research that I have done and yet to do. A tool that would let me see historical events and my fictional events on a timeline is something I've wanted for a while. I just discovered your app in the Trunk and with just this crazy edge use case resolved, I think it would suit my needs perfectly.

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