Reminder Alerts Not Working for Me on Win7



  • David Ohsie

    OK, this was probably user error.  I went back to windows update and found a number of unapplied updates for both outlook and .NET.  I'll post again if I see the problem, but the software seems better now after the update.

    The software really is extremely helpful.

  • Roland Beauregard

    I am having the same problem on a Windows 7 64 bit machine. I get a few reminders and they stop coming.

  • David Ohsie

    Actually, I found after the updates to my machine that it is not working for me still.   However, i still suspect that I might have some .ost corruption, so I will rebuild that and then report back.

  • Phil Seeman

    David and Roland,

    Yes, there is an active issue with Reminder Alerts not working after a while - I'm working on pinpointing the problem as soon as possible and once I do, will get a new version out right away.

  • David Ohsie

    Phil, could I possible get a copy of the a version from two releases ago to try as an experiment.  I'm still not 100% sure if all my problems stem from the recent updates since I also changed machines in the same timeframe.  I would report back on my experience.  I understand if this is not possible.  I'm not now paying for this software :)...

  • Theonlyrick

    I have XP, and I'm yet to get reminders to work.

    Just to confirm, this should produce a Google calendar reminder at 2329, yes?  ##11:50pm##@1

    Let me know if I can help with troubleshooting.

  • Phil Seeman


    I think you meant to post this in the TuskTools Calendar discussion forum, right?  If you could re-post there, that would be great.  (The forum software doesn't allow me to move a comment to a different forum.)  Thanks!

  • Phil Seeman

    Hi David and Roland,

    There is a new version of ReminderAlerts available (version 0.9.46) that should correct this issue.  Please check your email for a link to this update.

  • Theonlyrick

    Oooops.  Copied to the correct forum. 


  • Chris M Jones

    So...I was having this problem also.  I downloaded the latest version I could find ( comes up in the about box) and it seems to have helped....the app is not going away, but it seems to stop giving me reminders after a while.  Is there a newer version?


  • Phil Seeman

    For Reminder Alerts, 0.9.46 is the latest version.


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