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  • Phil Seeman

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks for the nice words about Reminder Alerts. 

    Regarding the snooze options, the way it works is identical to the way Outlook displays snooze options: namely, if the appointment has not occurred yet, you'll see an appropriate set of "N minutes before" options - so for example, if the reminder fires and it's more than 15 minutes prior to the appointment start, you'll see options to snooze until 15 minutes before, 10 minutes before, etc.  But say the reminder fires and it's 12 minutes prior to the appointment; in that case, the options will begin with 10 minutes before, since it wouldn't make sense to offer "15 minutes before" when that's already past.

    By contrast, if the appointment start time has already passed, then you won't see any "N minutes before" options, since they wouldn't make sense in that context.

    HOWEVER, having said all of that, your posting here was very helpful because it led me to do some testing of snooze options, and I discovered a bug: for recurring appointments, the "N minutes before" options were only showing for the first occurrence.  Subsequent occurrences were not showing any "N minutes before" options at all, even when the occurrence hadn't started yet and you should have been offered them.

    I've fixed the bug and will be putting together a maintenance update in the next week; look for an email notification when it's available.

    Thanks for helping to surface this issue!

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