Multiple Copies Running



  • Phil Seeman

    Hi Bill,

    Thanks again; glad to hear you love Reminder Alerts!

    In terms of the two-copies issue: as an initial diagnostic step, can you go in Outlook to File > Options > Add-ins and capture a screenshot of the Add-ins dialog?  You can attach the screenshot here, or for a little more privacy, you can email it to

  • brian sather

    Like Bill, I'm grateful for Reminder Alerts -- meets a need for me, for sure. But I have Bill beat in the sense that I seem to be running three copies of the program. Attached is a screenshot showing the Add-Ins dialog and also the contents of the Reminder Alerts folder on the hard drive. Any suggestions would be appreciated. Thanks!

    screenshot Brian's Reminder Alerts.bmp
  • Phil Seeman

    Bill and Brian,

    There is a Reminder Alerts update coming soon (1-2 weeks) which will take care of this issue of multiple copies running.  Watch your Inbox for an update notice.

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