Reminder not updated if meeting request changes



  • Phil Seeman

    Hi Morten,

    Yes, sorry, this is a limitation of the current version - the issue is present only when the location of one occurrence of a recurring event is modified.  What Reminder Alerts shows is the location of the overall series, not of that specific occurrence which may be different.

    There is a new release of Reminder Alerts coming out in the next couple of weeks that will correct this issue.

    And please send along my apologies to the folks who were in A119.

  • Phil Seeman

    I should also mention: the other behavior related to this topic is that when you click the "Open Appointment" button on a recurring appointment reminder, currently what opens is the overall recurring series appointment item.  In the next version, the "Open Appointment" button will open the specific occurrence that the reminder is displaying for.

  • Morten Pedersen

    Hi Phil 

    Nice, I will look forward to the next release then. And in the meantime enjoy that I no longer misses half of my meetings :-)







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