Reminder Alerts 9.54 verrrrry slow reaction to clicking Snooze button



  • Phil Seeman

    Hi Rob,

    Are you noticing the delay when clicking Snooze on recurring items, especially those which have lots of occurrences?  (I.e. do you see a direct proportion between delay time and number of occurrences?)  And conversely, do you experience no delay when clicking Snooze on non-recurring items?

  • Rob Flum

    Hi Phil,

      I'm not sure; that's not an aspect I was paying attention to.  I'll figure that out and get back to you.


  • Rob Flum

    Yes, non-recurring reminders respond immediately; recurring ones take about half a minute. Rob

  • Phil Seeman

    Great, thanks for confirming that.  The issue is arising as a result of this fix in the latest version:

    >> Fixed bug where "N minutes before" snooze options were not displaying for recurring appointments on occurrences following the initial occurrence. <<

    Unfortunately the delay issue did not turn up in any internal testing.

    I will take a look at the issue, and figure out a solution.  Stay tuned!

  • Margaret Rood

    Not to hijack the thread, but I'm using, and while I love your product -- had had several embarrassing moments due to Microsoft's decision to change the behavior of reminders without giving users an option to choose -- sometimes both the snooze and dismiss buttons are very slow to respond.  Thx, Margaret

  • Phil Seeman

    Hi Margaret,

    I'll send you an email with some info so we can capture some additional details from you.

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